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Marks & Clerk, London17 March 2016, 08:00 – 11:30

This event, in the Cleantech Investor Automotive Cleantech series, will review the implications of “Dieselgate” for the future of the automotive industry. Dieselgate began last year with the revelations that Volkswagen had deliberately attempted to cheat emissions tests on diesel vehicles. Other major automotive manufacturing companies, including Renault and Daimler, have subsequently been implicated, to varying degrees, in the scandal – which has impacted the industry through Europe and North America.

The morning will be divided into two sessions. During the first half, a panel of experts will set the scene and will discuss the implications of Dieselgate for the automotive industry.

With air quality in cities increasingly becoming an issue, forecasts for the importance of diesel in the fuel mix are being revised downwards. But is diesel dead? And who will be the winners? In particular, what are the investment opportunities emerging out of the scandal (for example, emissions mitigation solutions or alternatives to diesel such as gas, battery electric and hydrogen vehicles)?

Expert speakers will include:

Karl Markus Doerr – Managing Director, Ricardo Strategic Consulting
Jane Thomas – Global Sales Manager, Emissions Analytics
Kerry-Anne Adamson – Founder, 4th Energy Wave
Dennis Hayter – Vice President, Government & External Programmes, Intelligent Energy

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